Third Party Reviews

Washington Redskins | August 14, 2018 |

"A little unorganized but u get what u pay for."

Craig Illig | July 30, 2018 |

"Great place"

UnicornRainbows | August 01, 2018 |

"Hate it"

James Gilbert | June 23, 2018 |

"This is the best place around for a great hair cut. All of the staff are very friendly and welcoming."

Alayna Jaime | June 03, 2018 |

"This place is horrible never going back they bleached my hair yellow and left it this is one of the worst experiences I have ever had"

Anthony F. | November 14, 2014 |

"Went there, after my son had received top-notch treatment. I was going to request Marina, as she had given my son a great cut. Unfortunately she was not working. I was greeted graciously by Erin upon entering. She took me right away, as there was no wait. She was very cordial. As she cut my hair, I could tell she was an experienced stylist. I must say, this was the best cut I have ever received, hands down. I will definitely be back. I had a coupon for $4.99 for first time patrons, BONUS!!! She gave me additional coupons as I paid."

Sean H. | January 11, 2015 |

"Unfortunately, on my second visit, I left my coupon at home. This wasn't some once in a lifetime deal coupon, but one that they have under the counter and hand to everyone. Before I sat, I explained that I had inadvertently left it at home. The stylist said they couldn't do anything, and that I should drive home to get the coupon. You're sure you can't grab another generic coupon from under the counter? Nope. Needless to say, I drove home for the coupon, and went to a competitor who honors Sportsclips coupons. You're not the only haircut game in town, Sportsclips."

Kevin D. | May 18, 2017 |

"As I am nearing another haircut, I am reminded of my last trip in. I have been going here since they opened and have always gotten a good cut. But I'd hope so, it is just a number one buzz all over. I used to get a discount due to it's quickness and simplicity to do. However with their recent price hikes, they did away with this discount. Rather disheartening for such a long time customer. 18 dollars for a 5 to 10 minute buzz without a wash is nuts. Thing its time to find a new place who still takes care of their patrons."

John B. | April 09, 2018 |

"I have been going here since they opened and it just seems like it's going downhill. It was great at the beginning. Don't know if I'll be back. It's too bad for the convenience but other places are better. IE honey cuts on 159th and their cheaper"

Bill Holke | April 17, 2018 |

"Stylist remembers not only my haircut, but my name."